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Travel Updates and Reminders

  1. Mileage rate for 2016 is 54 cents per mile.
  2. A travel authorization must be approved and all travel information provided to the office prior to travel per MUSC Travel policy 7-2.0 as stated below.  Forms include conference information, air reservations (if you made them directly), hotel information, and request for leave.  Having this information early will provide a quick turnaround on reimbursement.
  3. Meals include as part of the conference/registration fee will not be reimbursed and will be deducted for the State meal per diem (Travel Policy 7-4.0)
  4. Hotel is capped at $300 per night.  Convenience to the conference is not considered an acceptable justification. (Travel policy 7-5.0)
  5. Gratuities are not allowable reimbursements except where the charge is not optional such as a banquet. Gratuities for taxis will not be reimbursed.  (Travel Policy 7-9.0)

Travel Policy 7-2.0

General Guidelines - Employees required to travel in the performance of official duties must have prior authorization from the department head (or their designated official) for the performance of travel. The designated approver's position should be at least one level above the traveler. Approval attests to the necessity of the travel and ensures that arrangements are reasonable in nature and amount.

Procedures: Complete the Itinerary Travel form. This form should then be filed in the department with the traveler's other documentation.

New automated feature to register international travel with International SOS

MUSC’s Global Assistance Program provides MUSC faculty, staff and students on university-related business with emergency medical, security and travel assistance while abroad.  Registration will better enable MUSC and International SOS to assist you in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster, security event or to reach you regarding an emergency back home. The program provides both 1) International Travel Assistance and 2) Accidental Medical & Sickness insurance for those traveling on a university-sponsored international trip. 

Last updated on 28-Dec-2017

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