Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

Momka Bratoeva

Momka P. Bratoeva, M.D., Ph.D.
Research Associate

Basic Science Building Room 620
Office: (843) 876-5863



MD Medical Academy of Sofia, Bulgaria, 1966
PhD Microbiology Medical Academy of Sofia, Bulgaria, 1968

Research Interests:

Cardiac developmental genetics with a focus on the Cspg2 gene and its role in cardiac outlet morphogenesis

Recent Publications:

  1. Dai, L., M. C. Guinea, M. G. Slomiany, M. Bratoeva, G. D. Grass, L. B. Tolliver, B. L. Maria and B. P. Toole. "Cd147-Dependent Heterogeneity in Malignant and Chemoresistant Properties of Cancer Cells." Am J Pathol 182, no. 2 (2013): 577-85 [PMID: 23178078]
  2. Grass, G. D., L. B. Tolliver, M. Bratoeva and B. P. Toole. "Cd147, Cd44, and the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (Egfr) Signaling Pathway Cooperate to Regulate Breast Epithelial Cell Invasiveness." J Biol Chem 288, no. 36 (2013): 26089-104 [PMID: 23888049]
  3. Dai, L., M. Bratoeva, B. P. Toole, Z. Qin and C. Parsons. "Kshv Activation of Vegf Secretion and Invasion for Endothelial Cells Is Mediated through Viral Upregulation of Emmprin-Induced Signal Transduction." Int J Cancer 131, no. 4 (2012): 834-43 [PMID: 21918972]
  4. Grass, G. D., M. Bratoeva and B. P. Toole. "Regulation of Invadopodia Formation and Activity by Cd147." J Cell Sci 125, no. Pt 3 (2012): 777-88 [PMID: 22389410]
  5. Martin, L. K., M. Bratoeva, N. V. Mezentseva, J. M. Bernanke, M. C. Remond, A. F. Ramsdell, C. A. Eisenberg and L. M. Eisenberg. "Inhibition of Heart Formation by Lithium Is an Indirect Result of the Disruption of Tissue Organization within the Embryo." Dev Growth Differ 54, no. 2 (2012): 153-66 [PMID: 22150286]
  6. Martin, L. K., N. V. Mezentseva, M. Bratoeva, A. F. Ramsdell, C. A. Eisenberg and L. M. Eisenberg. "Canonical Wnt Signaling Enhances Stem Cell Expression in the Developing Heart without a Corresponding Inhibition of Cardiogenic Differentiation." Stem Cells Dev 20, no. 11 (2011): 1973-83 [PMID: 21351874]
  7. Qin, Z., L. Dai, M. Bratoeva, M. G. Slomiany, B. P. Toole and C. Parsons. "Cooperative Roles for Emmprin and Lyve-1 in the Regulation of Chemoresistance for Primary Effusion Lymphoma." Leukemia 25, no. 10 (2011): 1598-609 [PMID: 21660043]
  8. McQuinn, T. C., M. Bratoeva, A. Dealmeida, M. Remond, R. P. Thompson and D. Sedmera. "High-Frequency Ultrasonographic Imaging of Avian Cardiovascular Development." Dev Dyn 236, no. 12 (2007): 3503-13 [PMID: 17948299]
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