Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell biology

Chris Drake

Christopher J. Drake, Ph.D.

Room 626, Basic Science Building
Office: (843) 792-1692
Lab: (843) 792-6587



BA History Jacksonville Univ. 1969
BA Biology Univ. of Massachusetts 1977
PhD Cell Biology Medical University of South Carolina 1995

Research Activity:

Molecular and cellular interactions in blood vessel development.

Recent Publications:

  1. Gentile, C., R. C. Muise-Helmericks and C. J. Drake. "Vegf-Mediated Phosphorylation of Enos Regulates Angioblast and Embryonic Endothelial Cell Proliferation." Dev Biol 373, no. 1 (2013): 163-75 [PMID: 23103584]
  2. Hajdu, Z., S. J. Romeo, P. A. Fleming, R. R. Markwald, R. P. Visconti and C. J. Drake. "Recruitment of Bone Marrow-Derived Valve Interstitial Cells Is a Normal Homeostatic Process." J Mol Cell Cardiol 51, no. 6 (2011): 955-65 [PMID: 21871458]
  3. Fleming, P. A., W. S. Argraves, C. Gentile, A. Neagu, G. Forgacs and C. J. Drake. "Fusion of Uniluminal Vascular Spheroids: A Model for Assembly of Blood Vessels." Dev Dyn 239, no. 2 (2010): 398-406 [PMID: 19918756]
  4. Mironov, V., R. P. Visconti, V. Kasyanov, G. Forgacs, C. J. Drake and R. R. Markwald. "Organ Printing: Tissue Spheroids as Building Blocks." Biomaterials 30, no. 12 (2009): 2164-74 [PMID: 19176247]
  5. Cooley, M. A., C. B. Kern, V. M. Fresco, A. Wessels, R. P. Thompson, T. C. McQuinn, W. O. Twal, C. H. Mjaatvedt, C. J. Drake and W. S. Argraves. "Fibulin-1 Is Required for Morphogenesis of Neural Crest-Derived Structures." Dev Biol 319, no. 2 (2008): 336-45 [PMID: 18538758]
  6. Franks, T. J., T. V. Colby, W. D. Travis, R. M. Tuder, H. Y. Reynolds, A. R. Brody, W. V. Cardoso, R. G. Crystal, C. J. Drake, J. Engelhardt, M. Frid, E. Herzog, R. Mason, S. H. Phan, S. H. Randell, M. C. Rose, T. Stevens, J. Serge, M. E. Sunday, J. A. Voynow, B. M. Weinstein, J. Whitsett and M. C. Williams. "Resident Cellular Components of the Human Lung: Current Knowledge and Goals for Research on Cell Phenotyping and Function." Proc Am Thorac Soc 5, no. 7 (2008): 763-6 [PMID: 18757314]
  7. Gentile, C., P. A. Fleming, V. Mironov, K. M. Argraves, W. S. Argraves and C. J. Drake. "Vegf-Mediated Fusion in the Generation of Uniluminal Vascular Spheroids." Dev Dyn 237, no. 10 (2008): 2918-25 [PMID: 18816835]
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  9. Drake, C. J., P. A. Fleming and W. S. Argraves. "The Genetics of Vasculogenesis." Novartis Found Symp 283, (2007): 61-71; discussion 71-6, 238-41 [PMID: 18300414]
  10. Drake, C. J., A. Wessels, T. Trusk and C. D. Little. "Elevated Vascular Endothelial Cell Growth Factor Affects Mesocardial Morphogenesis and Inhibits Normal Heart Bending." Dev Dyn 235, no. 1 (2006): 10-8 [PMID: 16170779]
  11. Ebihara, Y., M. Masuya, A. C. Larue, P. A. Fleming, R. P. Visconti, H. Minamiguchi, C. J. Drake and M. Ogawa. "Hematopoietic Origins of Fibroblasts: Ii. In Vitro Studies of Fibroblasts, Cfu-F, and Fibrocytes." Exp Hematol 34, no. 2 (2006): 219-29 [PMID: 16459190]
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  13. Ogawa, M., A. C. LaRue and C. J. Drake. "Hematopoietic Origin of Fibroblasts/Myofibroblasts: Its Pathophysiologic Implications." Blood 108, no. 9 (2006): 2893-6 [PMID: 16840726]
  14. Smith, B. T., J. C. Mussell, P. A. Fleming, J. L. Barth, D. D. Spyropoulos, M. A. Cooley, C. J. Drake and W. S. Argraves. "Targeted Disruption of Cubilin Reveals Essential Developmental Roles in the Structure and Function of Endoderm and in Somite Formation." BMC Dev Biol 6, (2006): 30 [PMID: 16787536]
  15. Visconti, R. P., Y. Ebihara, A. C. LaRue, P. A. Fleming, T. C. McQuinn, M. Masuya, H. Minamiguchi, R. R. Markwald, M. Ogawa and C. J. Drake. "An in Vivo Analysis of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Potential: Hematopoietic Origin of Cardiac Valve Interstitial Cells." Circ Res 98, no. 5 (2006): 690-6 [PMID: 16456103]
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  18. Argraves, W. S. and C. J. Drake. "Genes Critical to Vasculogenesis as Defined by Systematic Analysis of Vascular Defects in Knockout Mice." Anat Rec A Discov Mol Cell Evol Biol 286, no. 2 (2005): 875-84 [PMID: 16114069]

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