Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

Chip Norris

Russell A. Norris, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Room 608, Children's Research Institute
Office: (843) 792-1544



University of Cincinnati 1991-1995 Bachelors of Science (Biology)
Medical University of South Carolina 1995-2000 PhD (Molecular, Cellular and Pathobiology)
Medical University of South Carolina 2001-2006 Post Doctoral Research
Medical University of South Carolina 2007-Current Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

A primary focus of the Norris lab is to deal with basic questions in formation of the cardiac valves and pathological processes that result in valve disease. The overall design follows a “cycle of discovery” that begins with the clinical condition, identifies gene candidates, and explores their mechanism of action and susceptibility to rescue. Mechanistic studies in turn point to related pathways for further gene discovery. Through an international consortium of clinicians and scientists, our lab has contributed to identifying new genes that cause valve disease in humans. Our ongoing projects have defined that these genes play a crucial role during the development of the valves, essentially laying the blueprint for valve construction. Thus, we propose that inherited heart valve disease is caused by inborn errors in the development of this structure. By studying these disease genes we can gain an understanding for how the valve develops and why valve defects occur. Harnessed with this information, targeted therapeutics can be developed that may be of benefit to patients with valvular heart disease, thus allowing us to complete the “cycle of discovery”.

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Recent Publications:

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  2. Lockhart, M. M., E. E. Wirrig, A. L. Phelps, A. V. Ghatnekar, J. L. Barth, R. A. Norris and A. Wessels. "Mef2c Regulates Transcription of the Extracellular Matrix Protein Cartilage Link Protein 1 in the Developing Murine Heart." PLoS One 8, no. 2 (2013): e57073 [PMID: 23468913]
  3. Pavone, L. M. and R. A. Norris. "Distinct Signaling Pathways Activated by "Extracellular" and "Intracellular" Serotonin in Heart Valve Development and Disease." Cell Biochem Biophys, (2013) [PMID: 23605455]
  4. Wagner, J. M., R. A. Norris, L. R. Van Dillen, F. P. Thomas and R. T. Naismith. "Four Square Step Test in Ambulant Persons with Multiple Sclerosis: Validity, Reliability, and Responsiveness." Int J Rehabil Res 36, no. 3 (2013): 253-9 [PMID: 23511117]
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