Ann F. Ramsdell

Ann F. Ramsdell, Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Research Professor

Member of Hollings Cancer Center
MUSC: Room 639B, Basic Science Building
Office: (843) 792-1620
USC SOM Office Phone: (803) 216-3892

Email: ramsdell@musc.edu


BS College of Charleston, Charleston SC 1991
PhD MUSC, Charleston SC 1996
Postdoc University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute, 1997-2000



Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy,
University of South Carolina School of Medicine and
Program in Women’s and Gender Studies, University of South Carolina College of Arts and Sciences


Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology,
Medical University of South Carolina



Research Interests:

See Dr. Ramsdell recently speaking about her lab's research at TEDxColumbiaSC 2015.   

My lab investigates how the vertebrate embryonic body plan becomes established and how positional information controls organ development and disease susceptibility. One of our particular interests is the role of left-right patterning in mammary gland development and breast cancer. Using in vivo and in vitro mouse models, we have been the first to show that mammary glands have baseline differences in cellular and molecular composition that are left-right independently regulated during normal and neoplastic development. Furthermore, we have found that the left-right differences identified in mouse models are predictive of breast cancer patient survival, suggesting that tumor laterality plays an important but underappreciated role in disease progression and outcome. Our most recent work focuses on epigenetic regulation of mammary stem cells and how this relates to left-right differences that arise during mammary development and mammary oncogenesis.


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