Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology


Yukiko Sugi , D.V.M., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Room 635, Basic Science Building
Office: (843) 792-6501
Lab: (843) 792-4603



DVM Veterinary Medicine Yamaguchi University 1977
MS Veterinary Science Yamaguchi University 1979
PhD Cell Biology Saitama Medical School 1986

Research Interests:

Tissue interaction and determination in early heart development. Cardiac valve formation. Growth Factors

Recent Publications:

  1. Inai K, Burnside JL, Hoffman S, Toole BP & Sugi Y. BMP-2 induces versican and hyaluronan that contribute to post-EMT AV cushion cell migration. PLoS One 2013 8: e77593 [PMID: 24147033].
  2. Sugi, Y*., Kern, M. J., Markwald, R. R. and Burnside, J. L. Periostin expression is altered in aortic valves in Smad6 mutant mice. J. Neonatal Biol. 1: 101, 2012.
  3. Little TS, Mironov V, Nagy Mehesz A, Markwald R, Sugi Y, Lessner SM, Sutton MA, Liu X, Wang Q, Yang X, Blancette JO & Skiles M. Engineering a 3D, biological construct: representative research in the South Carolina Project for Organ Biofabrication. Biofabrication 2011 3: 030202 [PMID: 21926458].
  4. Norris RA, Moreno-Rodriguez RA, Sugi Y, Hoffman S, Amos J, Hart MM, Potts JD, Goodwin RL & Markwald RR. Periostin regulates atrioventricular valve maturation. Dev Biol 2008 316: 200-213 [PMID: 18313657].
  5. Inai K, Norris RA, Hoffman S, Markwald RR & Sugi Y. BMP-2 induces cell migration and periostin expression during atrioventricular valvulogenesis. Dev Biol 2008 315: 383-396 [PMID: 18261719].
  6. Okagawa H, Markwald RR & Sugi Y. Functional BMP receptor in endocardial cells is required in atrioventricular cushion mesenchymal cell formation in chick. Dev Biol 2007 306: 179-192 [PMID: 17449024].
  7. Norris RA, Damon B, Mironov V, Kasyanov V, Ramamurthi A, Moreno-Rodriguez R, Trusk T, Potts JD, Goodwin RL, Davis J, Hoffman S, Wen X, Sugi Y, Kern CB, Mjaatvedt CH, Turner DK, Oka T, Conway SJ, Molkentin JD, Forgacs G & Markwald RR. Periostin regulates collagen fibrillogenesis and the biomechanical properties of connective tissues. J Cell Biochem 2007 101: 695-711 [PMID: 17226767].
  8. Sugi Y, Yamamura H, Okagawa H & Markwald RR. Bone morphogenetic protein-2 can mediate myocardial regulation of atrioventricular cushion mesenchymal cell formation in mice. Dev Biol 2004 269: 505-518 [PMID: 15110716].
  9. Sugi Y & Markwald RR. Endodermal growth factors promote endocardial precursor cell formation from precardiac mesoderm. Dev Biol 2003 263: 35-49 [PMID: 14568545].
  10. Sugi Y, Ito N, Szebenyi G, Myers K, Fallon JF, Mikawa T & Markwald RR. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF)-4 can induce proliferation of cardiac cushion mesenchymal cells during early valve leaflet formation. Dev Biol 2003 258: 252-263 [PMID: 12798286].
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  12. Sugi Y & Markwald RR. Early endocardial formation originates from precardiac mesoderm as revealed by QH-1 antibody staining. Ital J Anat Embryol 1995 100 Suppl 1: 263-272 [PMID: 11322300].
  13. Lough J & Sugi Y. Endoderm and heart development. Dev Dyn 2000 217: 327-342 [PMID: 10767078].
  14. Ramsdell AF, Moreno-Rodriguez RA, Wienecke MM, Sugi Y, Turner DK, Mjaatvedt CH & Markwald RR. Identification of an autocrine signaling pathway that amplifies induction of endocardial cushion tissue in the avian heart. Acta Anat (Basel) 1998 162: 1-15 [PMID: 9789103].
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  16. Lough J, Barron M, Brogley M, Sugi Y, Bolender DL & Zhu X. Combined BMP-2 and FGF-4, but neither factor alone, induces cardiogenesis in non-precardiac embryonic mesoderm. Dev Biol 1996 178: 198-202 [PMID: 8812122].
  17. Sugi Y & Markwald RR. Formation and early morphogenesis of endocardial endothelial precursor cells and the role of endoderm. Dev Biol 1996 175: 66-83 [PMID: 8608870].
  18. Sugi Y, Sasse J & Lough J. Inhibition of precardiac mesoderm cell proliferation by antisense oligodeoxynucleotide complementary to fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2). Dev Biol 1993 157: 28-37 [PMID: 8482417].
  19. Sugi Y & Lough J. Anterior endoderm is a specific effector of terminal cardiac myocyte differentiation of cells from the embryonic heart forming region. Dev Dyn 1994 200: 155-162 [PMID: 7919501].
  20. Byeon MK, Sugi Y, Markwald RR & Hoffman S. NCAM polypeptides in heart development: association with Z discs of forms that contain the muscle-specific domain. J Cell Biol 1995 128: 209-221 [PMID: 7822416].
  21. Sugi Y, Sasse J, Barron M & Lough J. Developmental expression of fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 (cek-1; flg) during heart development. Dev Dyn 1995 202: 115-125 [PMID: 7734730].
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