Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology


Richard E. Swaja, Ph.D.

Director - South Carolina Bioengineering Alliance
Professor and Associate Chair of Bioengineering - Clemson Univ.
Professor - Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology - MUSC
SCSmartState Endowed Chair in Regenerative Medicine- MUSC
Adjunct Professor in Chemical Engineering - USC

Room 101D, Bioengineering Building
Office: (843) 876-2409



BS Physics Carnegie Institute of Technology 1967
MS Physics University of Pittsburgh 1968
PhD Nuclear Science Carnegie Mellon University 1973

Research Interests:

In general, my scientific focus is to advance the field of bioengineering in the broad sense; i.e., bridging the physical, engineering, and computational sciences with the life sciences to enable understanding of fundamental biological and disease processes and to improve health care. My professional activities are specifically aimed at coalescing academic, industrial, and government resources to (l) provide opportunities and infrastructure for bioengineering research that addresses global health care priorities and ensures a high-quality workforce for the future; (2) support regional economy by accelerating the translation of research advances, facilitating industrial development and entrepreneurship, and providing education and employment opportunities; (3) ensure optimal use of resources to enable cohesive and effective response to emerging biomedical challenges; and (4) improve quality of life. Areas of scientific interest include biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, bionanotechnology, diagnostic and molecular imaging, and computational biology and modeling.

Recent Publications:

  1. Brockbank, K. G., R. E. Swaja, D. E. Wueste and R. M. Sade. "Resolving the Shortage of Organs for Transplantation: Ethics, Science, and Technology." J S C Med Assoc 106, no. 6 (2010): 209-12 [PMID: 23270032]
  2. Mironov, V., T. Trusk, V. Kasyanov, S. Little, R. Swaja and R. Markwald. "Biofabrication: A 21st Century Manufacturing Paradigm." Biofabrication 1, no. 2 (2009): 022001 [PMID: 20811099]
  3. Richard Swaja, Bruce Hamilton, Ken Dill, Claire Frasier, and Jose Onuchic, Research at the Interface of the Life and Physical Sciences: Bridging the Sciences, (2005)
  4. Richard Swaja, Bruce Hamilton, Wendy Liffers, Roderic Pettigrew, Jeremy Berg, and Lawrence Tabak, Research at the Interface of the Life Sciences and the Physical Sciences, (2004)
  5. Richard Swaja, Mariaileen Sourwine, Todd Merchak, and Anna Retzke, Biomedical Industry Research and Training Opportunities, (2003)
  6. R. Swaja, D. Dzielak, H. Barrett, and K. Vosburgh, Defining the State-of-the-Art in Biomedical Imaging: Research Needs for the Future, (2003)
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