Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology


Robert P. Thompson, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus



BA Biochemistry Rice University 1968
PhD Biophysics Colorado State University 1974

Recent Publications:

  1. Buskohl, P. R., M. L. Sun, R. P. Thompson and J. T. Butcher. "Serotonin Potentiates Transforming Growth Factor-Beta3 Induced Biomechanical Remodeling in Avian Embryonic Atrioventricular Valves." PLoS One 7, no. 8 (2012): e42527 (PMID: 22880017).
  2. Sedmera D, RP Thompson.  Myocyte proliferation in the developing heart. Developmental Dynamics 240:1322-1344, 2011(PMID: 21538685).
  3. Damon BJ, MC Rémond, MR Bigelow, TC Trusk, W Xie, R Perucchio, D Sedmera, S Denslow, RP Thompson. Patterns of muscular strain in the embryonic heart wall. Developmental Dynamics 238:1535-1546, 2009 (PMID: 19418446).
  4. Kern CB, Norris RA, Thompson RP, Argraves WS, Fairey SE, Reyes L, Hoffman S, Markwald RR, Mjaatvedt CH. Versican proteolysis mediates myocardial regression during outflow tract development. Developmental Dynamics 236: 671-683, 2007 (PMID: 17226818).
  5. McQuinn TC, Bratoeva M, Dealmeida A, Remond M, Thompson RP, Sedmera D. 2007. High-frequency ultrasonographic imaging of avian cardiovascular development. Developmental Dynamics 236:3503-3513 (PMID: 17948299).
  6. Cooley MA, Kern CB, Fresco VM, Wessels A, Thompson RP, McQuinn TC, Twal WO, Mjaatvedt CH, Drake CJ, Argraves WS. 2008. Fibulin-1 is required for morphogenesis of neural crest-derived structures. Developmental Biology 319:336-345 (PMID: 18538758).
  7. Sedmera D, Wessels A, Trusk TC, Thompson RP, Hewett KW, Gourdie RG. Changes in activation sequence of embryonic chick atria correlate with developing myocardial architecture. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 291(4):H1646-52, 2006 (PMID: 16679393).
  8. Miller CE, Thompson RP, Bigelow MR, Gittinger G, Trusk TC, Sedmera D. Confocal imaging of the embryonic heart: how deep? Microsc Microanal. 11:216-23, 2005 (PMID: 16060974).
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  10. Ebert SN, Q Rong, S Boe, RP Thompson, A Grinberg, K Pfeifer, K. Targeted insertion of the Cre-recombinase gene at the phenylethanolamine n-methyltransferase locus: a new model for studying the developmental distribution of adrenergic cells. Developmental Dynamics, 231:849-58, 2004 (PMID: 15517585).
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  14. Sedmera D, Reckova M, DeAlmeida A, Coppen SR, Kubalak SW, Gourdie RG, Thompson RP. Spatiotemporal pattern of commitment to slowed proliferation in the embryonic mouse heart indicates progressive differentiation of the cardiac conduction system. Anat Rec. 274A:773-7, 2003 (PMID: 12923887).
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  18. Gourdie RG, Harris BS, Bond J, Justus C, Hewett KW, O'Brien TX, Thompson RP, Sedmera D. Development of the cardiac pacemaking and conduction system. Birth Defects Res C Embryo Today 69:46-57, 2003 (PMID: 12768657).
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  20. Cheng G, Wessels A, Gourdie RG, Thompson RP. Spatiotemporal and tissue specific distribution of apoptosis in the developing chick heart. Developmental Dynamics. 223:119-133, 2002 (PMID: 11803575).
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