Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

2001-2002 Seminars
(Wednesdays at Noon in Room 611, Basic Science Bldg.)
Coordinated by Kelley Argraves, PhD

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Sep 26, 2001Dipak DubeSUNY Upstate Medical UniversityMyofibrillogenesis in vertebrate hearts: role of various tropomyosin isoforms
Oct 3, 2001Peter NewmanBlood Research Institute, Medical College of WiscoRegulation of cellular activation and adhesion by PECAM-1
Oct 17, 2001Tom WightUniversity of Washington, Hope Heart InstituteProteoglycans and hyaluronan key players in vascular biology and pathology
Oct 31, 2001Samar HammadMUSCDiabetic complications in a hyperlipidemic mouse model
Nov 14, 2001NoneAHA Meeting, November 11-14, Anaheim, CA
Nov 28, 2001Yusuf HannunMUSCRole of sphingolipids in eukaryotic stress responses
Dec 5, 2001Perry HalushkaMUSCDo thromboxane A2 receptor subtypes exist?
Dec 12, 2001NoneCell Biology Meeting, Dec 8-12, Washington, DC
Dec 19, 2001Stuart NewmanNew York Medical CollegeSelf-organization in vertebrate limb pattern formation
Jan 9, 2002Vladimir MironovMUSCNanobiotechnology: hype or hope?
Jan 16, 2002Paul McDermottMUSCRegulating the translational efficiency of mRNA in adult cardiocytes: The Role of the eIF4F complex
Jan 23, 2002Thierry BacroMUSCIntegrating advances in technology in the teaching of anatomical sciences
Jan 30, 2002Birgit SatirAlbert Einstein College of MedicineNew insights into the exocytic nanomachinery
Feb 6, 2002Gary SchoenwolfUniversity of Utah School of MedicineA Smattering of Ectodermal Patterning
Apr 5, 2002Drew NodenCornell UniversityInteractions Directing the Development of Craniofacial NervesFriday at 12 noon
Apr 9, 2002Thomas MaciagMaine Medical Center Research InstituteMolecular Mechanisms of AngiogenesisTuesday
Apr 17, 2002Rick BoockforMUSCDynamic measurement of gene expression and exocytotic pulses in individual GnRH neurons
May 2, 2002Andrew CoppInstitute of Child Health, LondonUnderstanding and preventing neural tube defectsThursday
May 8, 2002Bernardo Nadal-GinardNew York Medical CollegeStem Cells in Myocardial Homeostasis and Regeneration
Jun 5, 2002Stan HoffmanMUSCMMP regulation of cell behavior

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