Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

2002-2003 Seminars
(Wednesdays at Noon in Room 611, Basic Science Bldg.)
Coordinated by Kelley Argraves, PhD

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Sep 4, 2002Bob OgilvieMUSCEmerging Tools/Resources for Learning Histology: Virtual Microscopes and Slides
Oct 2, 2002Richard GoodwinUniversity of South CarolinaRegulation of Cardiac Myocyte Proliferation and Differentiation in a Novel 3D Culture System
Nov 6, 2002Lee NiswanderMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterMolecular and Genetic Control of Vertebrate Limb Development
Nov 13, 2002Michael GershonColumbia UniversityBeacons in the Fetal Wilderness: Guidance Molecules in the Formation of the Enteric and Pancreatic Nervous Systems
Nov 20, 2002Ann RamsdellMUSCLeft-right axis determination and cardiac development
Dec 11, 2002Daniel KesslerUniversity of PennsylvaniaVertebrate Axis Formation and the Control of Nodal Signaling by Fox and Sox Genes
Jan 8, 2003Mary WalkerUniversity of New MexicoEffects of Dioxin on Cardiac VEGF and Coronary Vascular Development
Jan 22, 2003Michael RosenColumbia UniversityCardiac Development and Cardiac Memory
Jan 29, 2003Seigo IzumoHarvard UniversityFunctional Studies of the Cardiac Transcription Factor NKx2.5/Csx10:30 AM
Feb 3, 2003William GallagherUniversity College DublinGene and protein expression profiling in cancer: insights into tumour biology and therapeutic implicationsMonday
Feb 5, 2003Panagiotis TsonisUniversity of DaytonMechanisms in the induction of lens regeneration
Feb 12, 2003William CoetzeeNYU School of MedicineFrequenin as a regulator of Kv4 potassium channels
Feb 26, 2003Judith LitvinTemple UniversityHighways on the cardiac map
Mar 3, 2003Herbert GellerNational Institutes of HealthPromoting Axonal Regeneration through the Glial ScarMonday
Mar 11, 2003Xuejun WenUniversity of UtahStudies in the Development of a Bridging Device for Guiding Regenerating Axons
Mar 12, 2003Titus ReavesEmory UniversityRegulation of neutrophil migration
Mar 26, 2003Jamie BarthMUSCUnderstanding the role of the endocytic lipoprotein receptor megalin in hedgehog signaling
Apr 3, 2003Martin MoradGeorgetown University Medical CenterControl of Cardiac Contraction: Probing the Nano Domains of Calcium Signaling
Apr 9, 2003Robert PoelmannLeiden University Medical CenterShear Stress in the Developing Cardiovascular System
Apr 9, 2003Adrianna Gittenberger de-GrootLeiden University Medical CenterDevelopment of the Conduction System in the CCS LacZ Mouse
Apr 17, 2003Suniti MisraTufts University School of MedicineRegulation of multi-drug resistance in cancer cells by hyaluronanThursday at 1 PM
Apr 23, 2003Josť JalifeSyracuse UniversityMolecular Mechanisms and Dynamics in Ventricular Fibrillation
Apr 30, 2003Michael ZileMUSCFunctional Genomics: Evaluation of cardiac phenotype

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