Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

2003-2004 Seminars
(Wednesdays at Noon in Room 611, Basic Science Bldg.)
Coordinated by Kelley Argraves, PhD

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Sep 29, 2003Ronald TerjungUniversity of MissouriCollateral Vessel Remodeling in Experimental Peripheral Arterial InsufficiencyMonday at 12 Noon
Oct 8, 2003Corey MjaatvedtMUSCThe Cspg2 Gene And Cardiac Outlet Morphogenesis
Oct 15, 2003Gary WrightMUSCThe prolyl hydroxylase oxygen-sensor system in the heart
Oct 22, 2003Sheldon LitwinUniversity of UtahSodium-Calcium Exchanger: Friend or Foe in the Failing Heart?
Oct 29, 2003Kelley ArgravesMUSCCritical roles for sphingosine-1-phosphate in the formation and stability of embryonic blood vessels
Oct 31, 2003Ben GiepmansUniversity of California San-DiegoInteracting proteins at gap junctions: identification and functionFriday at 12 noon
Nov 5, 2003Amy BradshawMUSCCell design of the extracellular matrix: the absence of SPARC alters the structure and composition of collagens in the skin
Nov 12, 2003Xinghua LuMUSCModeling cellular processes with a latent variable model
Nov 19, 2003Andy HunterMUSCMicrotubule depolymerization by the kinesin-related protein MCAK
Dec 9, 2003Adrian NeaguVictor Babes Univ. of Medicine, Timisoara, RomaniaMathematical Modeling of Cell Aggregate FusionTuesday
Dec 11, 2003Eva TurleyUniversity of Western OntarioThe Role of the Hyaluronan Receptor RHAMM (CD168) in MalignancyThursday at 12 noon
Jan 7, 2004Anand RamamurthiMUSC-ClemsonDerivatized Hyaluronan Biomaterials as Cell Scaffolds for Soft Tissue Regeneration or Repair
Jan 14, 2004Dimitri ScholzMUSCCellular mechanisms of arteriogenesis
Jan 21, 2004Piero AnversaNew York Medical CollegeAging of the Heart
Jan 28, 2004Timothy BaxterUniversity of OmahaThe role of MMPs and inflammatory cells in the progression of aortic aneurysms
Feb 12, 2004Ivan MoskowitzHarvard Medical SchoolA Genetic Approach to Cardiovascular Development and Congenital Heart DiseaseThursday at 4PM
Feb 18, 2004Rocky TuanNational Institutes of HealthCartilage Development, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and Cartilage Tissue EngineeringCANCELLED
Mar 10, 2004Tatsuya ShimizuTokyo Women's Medical UniversityCell sheet engineering for myocardial tissue reconstruction4PM on Wednesday
Mar 17, 2004Stan HoffmanMUSCLung Fibrosis, Curcumin, PKC epsilon, and Phase 2 Detoxification Enzymes: A Spicy Story
Mar 24, 2004Waleed TwalMUSCRole of fibulin-1 splice variants in Development & Disease
Mar 29, 2004Adrianna Gittenberger de-GrootLeiden University Medical CenterThe role of EPDC and Purkinje fibre differentiation11:30 AM Monday
Mar 30, 2004Marco de RuiterLeiden University Medical CenterFeasibility of decellularized aortic valve allografts in regenerative medicineTuesday at 11AM
Mar 30, 2004Robert PoelmannLeiden University Medical CenterHeart development on the cross-roads of hemodynamics and molecular biologyTuesday at 10AM
Apr 28, 2004Yukiko SugiMUSCRegulation of endocardial formation and differentiation
Jun 23, 2004Mikhail MatzUniversity of FloridaGFP superfamily: properties and novel applications
Jun 30, 2004Beverly A PurnellAAASPublishing in Science Magazine: Process and Content
Jul 14, 2004Glenn PrestwichUniversity of UtahFooling with mother nature: injectable crosslinked mimics of the extracellular matrix for tissue repair and adhesion prevention

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