Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

2004-2005 Seminars
(Wednesdays at Noon in Room 611, Basic Science Bldg.)
Coordinated by Kelley Argraves, PhD

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Sep 8, 2004Steven EbertGeorgetown University Medical CenterIntrinsic cardiac adrenergic cells as progenitors of myocytes in the developing heart
Oct 6, 2004Paul MozdziakNorth Carolina State UniversityDevelopment of New Models to Study Skeletal Muscle Development
Oct 14, 2004Takeshi TsudaNemours Cardiac CenterFibulin-2 and post ischemic ventricular remodeling: extracellular matrix as means of signalingThursday at 12 noon
Oct 20, 2004Bin ZhouVanderbilt UniversityTranscriptional Regulation of NFATc1 and Endocardial Cell Phenotype in Heart Development
Oct 27, 2004Rocky TuanNIHDevelopmental Paradigms for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Nov 3, 2004Rob Gourdie/Andy HunterMUSCMolecular Regulation of Myocardial Electrical Circuitry: The Role of ZO-1-Cx43 Protein-Protein Interactions in Organization of Cardiac Gap Junctions
Nov 10, 2004Pamela MorrisMUSCUSS Arizona: A Tale of Oil, Microbes, and Mung
Nov 17, 2004Brant WeinsteinNIHAssembly of vascular networks during early development
Dec 1, 2004Annarosa LeriNew York Medical CollegeStem cells and myocardial regeneration
Dec 8, 2004Sakamuri ReddyMUSCEtiology of Paget′s Disease of Bone
Dec 15, 2004Margaret BaronMount Sinai School of MedicineEmbryonic origins of hematopoiesis and vascular development: from stem cells to circulation
Jan 5, 2005Denis EnglishThe Methodist Research InstituteMatrix-Dependent Orchestration of Multicellular Structural Development
Feb 2, 2005Anne MoonUniversity of Utah School of MedicineCardiovascular form follows FGF function
Feb 9, 2005Ed KrugMUSCAssessing the Developing Chicken Heart Proteome
Feb 16, 2005Erik MeyersDuke UniversityPatterning Signals in Outflow Tract Development
Feb 22, 2005Robert AndersonInstitute of Child Health at University College LondonNormal and Abnormal Development of the Outflow Tracts
Feb 23, 2005Lidia KosFlorida International UniversityEndothelin and Neuregulin Signaling in Mammalian Cardiac Conduction System Development
Mar 16, 2005Ramsey FotyUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry of New JerseyBiophysical and Molecular Determinants of Tissue Self-Assembly
Mar 22, 2005Karina MeiriTufts UniversityGAP-43 regulation of membrane/cytoskeletal interactions plays a critical role in nervous system morphogeneisTuesday at 12 noon
Mar 23, 2005Jim SchwobTufts UniversityTaking Poietic License: Neurogenesis and its Regulation in the Olfactory Epithelium
Mar 29, 2005Vince HascallCleveland ClinicHyaluronan matrices and inflammatory processes
Jun 8, 2005Susan LessnerUniversity of South CarolinaInflammation and Matrix Metalloproteinases in Atherosclerosis
Jun 15, 2005Troy BaudinoUniversity of South CarolinaMyc-Mediated Pathways in Cancer and Development

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