Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

2005-2006 Seminars
(Wednesdays at Noon in Room 611, Basic Science Bldg.)
Coordinated by Kelley Argraves, PhD

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Aug 24, 2005Alan SmithCognate Therapeutics Inc.Cell Therapy for Regenerative Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities
Aug 26, 2005Assaf ZemelWeizmann Institute of ScienceCell interactions and polarization in elastic stress fieldsFriday
Sep 9, 2005Richard SwajaNational Institute of Biomedical Imaging and BioengineeringNIH sponsored research at interface of the physical and life sciences: What is Bioengineering?Friday
Sep 14, 2005Deepak BastiaMedical University of South CarolinaInitiation and termination of DNA replication in bacteria and yeast
Sep 21, 2005Michael WeinsteinOhio State UniversityFunctions of tumor supressor genes in development, disease, and cancer
Oct 19, 2005Mark KindyMedical University of South CarolinaThe role of AGE receptors in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease
Nov 2, 2005U. Joseph SchoepfMedical University of South CarolinaComputed Tomography for Non-Invasive Imaging of the Heart
Nov 9, 2005Bob MechamWashington University in St. LouisThe role of extracellular matrix in cardiovascular development
Dec 7, 2005Maya Sieber-Blum Medical College of WisconsinCardiac neural crest defects and bulge-derived adult neural crest stem cells
Jan 11, 2006Jeffrey LaitmanMount Sinai School of MedicineTracing the origins of speech: the development and evolution of the thorax
Jan 25, 2006Carmine GentileUniversity of PisaValuation of the release of nitric oxide (NO) after pharmacological and mechanical stimulations from cultured human endothelial cells (HUVEC)
Feb 1, 2006Joseph JanickiUniversity of South CarolinaAre gender differences in cardiac mast cells responsible for cardioprotection in female rats with sustained ventricular volume overload
Feb 22, 2006Esmaiel JabbariUniversity of South CarolinaBioresorbable Cell Responsive Materials for Tissue Regeneration
Feb 27, 2006Ivan VeselyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCardiac Valve Tissue Engineering: So What happened to the Engineering?Monday
Mar 6, 2006Sir Magdi YacoubImperial College of LondonTissue Engineered Heart Valves - From the clinic to the benchMonday at 12 noon in BSB Rm 402
Mar 15, 2006Andrea RobitzkiUniversity of LeipzigNano and Microstructures on Microarrays for real time monitoring of living cells and tissues
Apr 14, 2006William BrunkenTufts UniversityBridging the Gap and Supporting the Scaffold: A role for laminin in the CNSFriday
Apr 21, 2006Peter KohlUniversity of OxfordMechanical Effects on Heart Rate and Rhythm: from Pipette to PatientFriday

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